Author: Esme Fox

The Cambrian

The world’s most amazing hotel swimming pools

Everyone loves a hotel swimming pool, this is the one element that can make or break your holiday, so we’ve searched the globe to find you some of the most amazing. These six luxury hotel pools really have outdone themselves, with stunning scenic views, unique surroundings, precarious settings or just […]

Top tapas bars in Granada

Granada’s top tapas bars

Tiny bowls of shiny olives, potatoes drizzled in garlic mayonnaise and thin strips of cheese drenched in olive oil, these are the types of dishes which has made Spain famous for its cuisine. While in most cities in Spain you will pay a hefty amount for all of these, in […]

Chocolate hills on Bohol Island, Philippines.

The Philippines: Beyond the beaches

The Philippines is still one of Asia’s relatively undiscovered countries, and only now are people beginning to discover its paradisiacal islands, golden beaches and aqua marine seas, the perfect place for a beach holiday in the sun. Although its beaches are one of its major draws, the Philippines has many other […]


Discovering the Philippines

While most tourists head to Asia’s better known beach destinations of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia’s tropical island of Bali, one of the world’s best beach destinations is often overlooked. Consisting of over 7,000 islands and with a staggering coast line of 39,289km, it’s little surprise to learn that the Philippine’s […]