Coffee and Caminos is a travel, food and design website created by Esme Fox and Dan Convey.

Esme FoxEsme Fox is a professional travel writer who has written for publications and websites such as Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, The Telegraph and BBC Travel. She has travelled to over 50 countries and has also co-authored several guidebooks, including the Time Out guide to Argentina and Uruguay, Fodor’s Guide to Cuba, Rough Guide to the Philippines and Rough Guide to Spain. She specialises in writing about Spain and Latin America and can be found spotting the latest travel trend in Barcelona, discovering hidden beaches in the Caribbean or finding the latest food craze in Peru.

Dan ConveyDan Convey is a professionalcontent writer and graphic designer who creates content for companies worldwide.  He is an MA graduate from London Metropolitan University and keeps up-to-date with marketing news.

Dan has a passion for travelling, sports, art and design.

If you need content for your company or website, you can contact us to discuss your needs:

Dan: i.danconvey@gmail.com

Esme: contact@esmefox.com