Quirky Hotel Stays: Sleep in a panda hotel in Hong Kong

Quirky Hotel Stays: Sleep in a panda hotel in Hong Kong

When you think of China, the first animal that pops into your head is probably the cuddly-looking black and white giant panda, so it’s no surprise that Hong Kong has opened the world’s first panda hotel. Set against the high rises of the Hong Kong skyline, the neon image of two giant pandas climbing up a stick of bamboo is not hard to miss.

Suave and shiny, this unique panda hotel manages to retain its luxurious and corporate air, with the added additions of cute pandas dotted around the hotel lobby and common areas.

There is of course a black and white theme running throughout the panda hotel, and panda-themed rooms come with black and white patterned carpets, black and white chequered pillows, black curtains and white beds. There are even panda bins and tissue boxes. There is also the added bonus of a number of stuffed panda toys placed around your room.

However, this quirky hotel is not all about the pandas, you can choose from smart colourful rooms in shades of orange and lime too. Little girls will love the princess and Forever Friends teddy bear themed rooms, complete with bright pink walls, princess murals, princess and teddy bedspreads, regal looking furniture, cute tea cups, and of course, a few pandas thrown in too. Little boys will go crazy for the Transformers themed rooms, complete with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime duvet covers.

Best suited to:

Families or those going for business, because of its excellent facilities for both.

You should know that:

There are plenty of things to keep everyone entertained here, from children’s play rooms, to a health club and spa, relaxation room, shops, a swimming pool and recreation room.