The flamboyant interior design of Barcelo Raval Hotel

Creative interior designs in Barcelona to fire up your ideas

Barcelona is not new to creativity, from surrealist painter Dali and the whimsical 1992 Olympic Games mascot by Javier Mariscal, to the art nouveau architecture of Gaudi, this Catalan city has an affinity for the unique and original. Barcelona today, thrives with a mix of international and local creatives who continue to break through constraints and produce inspiring architecture and creative interior designs, which astound residents and visitors alike.

Earthy tiles make curvy chambers in Camper, Barcelona

Located on Barcelona’s upmarket Passeig de Gracià, this Camper footwear store will get your neurons firing. This store is decorated from head to toe in terracotta curves. Minimalistic white blocks and strong scallop patterns make up the rest. This is the creation of Japanese architects Kengo Kuma & Associates, who previously worked on Camper’s Milan store. 

The Passeig de Gracià shop entrance frames the display above the shop counter, here the ceramics cascade down from the ceiling to the assistant’s level and form the counter itslef.

The semi-circular ceramic shapes are used partly to display Camper’s range of footwear, but also to display creative interior design. The eyes are drawn to those spaces where a tall boot or larger item is perched. These backlit ceramic chambers offer space so that each shoe or pair of shoes can stand out against the earthy tones and draw customers’ attention.

The creative interior of Sir Victor's Barcelona hotel lobby.
The dazzling interior design of Sir Victor’s Barcelona hotel lobby. ©SirVictor Hotels

Ultra-hip and unique, the Sir Victor, Barcelona

Having opened mid-2019, the Sir Victor Hotel Barcelona makes quite a statement with its interiors. It was decorated by the Baranowitz & Kronenberg design firm from Tel Aviv. The illustrious hotel lies just back from the main and aptly-named Diagonal street, and designer-shop-flooded, tree-lined Passeig de Gracia. It takes its influences from the bohemian and alternative edge of Gracia, as well as the opulence of the Eixample district in which it’s located. 

In-fitting with one of Barcelona’s most modern districts, this unique hotel has an awe-inspiring facade of its own. The front of the hotel bends and twists as if it’s following in the fashion of Parc Guell’s swirling mosaic seating.  

Sir Victor’s creative interior also features a jungle of elements in its public spaces. Foliage is put to good use throughout, and its lounge offers bespoke seating, lit by circular bulbs. These bulbs are mirrored in shape by the droplets on screen matrices, which add texture to the walls.  

More circular mirroring occurs in the restaurant, which features over scale gold-trimmed lighting above and semi-circular dark leather seating below. 

Sensacional interior design at Barceló Ravel hotel

A feast for the eyes and the senses,  Barceló Ravel hotel hosts a dazzling creative interior within a unique elliptical housing. Located in Barcelona’s edgy Raval district, this hotel could well have landed from another planet. 

Public spaces are topped with a cloud of white tubes, which extrude from the ceiling like stalactites. The circular shape of the construction means that the curved windows give a unique perspective of the urban surrounds. Sophisticated, patterned lampshades rise above the dining tables and elegant seating features elliptical backs.

The circular column which runs through the centre of the hotel is clad in a metallic print and correlates with the exterior rounded shape. An alcove of raspberry red textures sits within the column, while a white inset bookcase gives it a homely feel. The bar area is a futuristic spaceship style, with rounded rectangles and a clean minimalism. 

The wavy lines of El Paradiso speakeasy cocktail bar. ©El Paradiso Facebook

The wavy, warm creative interior of El Paradiso  

Hidden away behind a working a pastrami shop, this modern-day speakeasy proves to be a beautiful oasis. Say pastrami to the apron-boasting shop-keeper and you’ll enter into a world of undulating wooden grooves. The backlit bar adds a sunny glow to the otherwise softly, but warmly-lit interior. Bar stools sit alongside the bar where amber lights bring attention to the wavy lines of the creative interior. These laser-cut wooden lines appear as if nature’s elements have created a wavelike effect throughout the trendy cocktail bar. A false window at the far end of the bar looks out onto foliage and is tapered with a curtain, giving it a cosy feel. 

A host of creative interiors at El Nacional 

Created by Barcelona-based Violán Lázaro Rosa, El Nacional offers a range of creative 1920s-inspired interiors in a market-style food quarter. This incredible 19th-century building has been converted into an elegant and inclusive space. Previously a theatre, dye factory, and most recently a car garage, it’s now a marvellous culinary outpost, set back from Barcelona’s prestigious Passeig de Gracia. 

Within its carefully arranged 2600 metre-squared floor, you can find bespoke lighting and metal-lined windows. Its ceiling curves meet at tall pillars adding a marquee-style top. The central thoroughfare features circular areas with a stunning layered light fitting above. Either side of the circular bars, you can choose to eat at a brasserie with working cogs above, or at La Llotja with its references to Catalan fish markets. Each one of the market-style restaurants here has its own design touches, in-keeping with the building’s heritage. This is a unique space in Barcelona where many creative design ideas have come together in one beautifully-lit modern-industrial space.

The golden palm interior of Darial Barcelona. ©Darial

A minimalist space combines with exquisite gold palms at Darial, Barcelona

Situated on the lower levels of Casa Tomàs Roger, a spectacular building itself, which features gold and garnet-coloured art nouveau patterns, Darial is a creative interior to revere. Whereas most shops in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter will use every square metre of its floor to sell products, Darial’s 1500-square-metre store makes a statement by the space it doesn’t use. 

As if stepping into a modern art gallery, you’ll be astounded by the black lacquer blocks set against the gold touches and surrounding light shades. However, the creative elements which stand tall above the rest are the golden palm trees. These pronounced pillars are symmetrically aligned throughout the space, and add prestige to a familiar Mediterranean sight. The pillars are dipped in white at the base and draw the eyes up to where the gold leaves and branches span out across the ceiling. 

This bold space was designed by Djaba Diassamidze, a designer based in Paris. Selling everything from clothes to books and furniture, the creative interior focuses on creating a unique experience for the visitor. Within the same building, Darial also offers a restaurant and an event space. Following the same interior design tones, the restaurant features a bold, golden ceiling set against a black lacquer bar area, which carries through to the gold-trimmed dining chairs. The deep-red upholstered seating against the wall adds warmth to the decor. 

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