St Lucia - things to do in the Caribbean | ©Dan Convey

Top 10 unusual things to do in the Caribbean

When we went on a two-week cruise around the Caribbean visiting nine different islands from Barbados to St. Maarten we stepped away from the norm looking for the most unusual things we could find to do there. Here’s our list of the top 10 quirky and unusual things to do in the Caribbean.

Unusual things to do in the Caribbean

1) Spot a rum tree on the island of St. Kitts

We bet you didn’t know that rum grows on trees. Well neither did we until we visited the laid back and friendly island of St. Kitts. Here people hang their empty rum bottles on the trees outside their houses to show their friends and neighbours how much they’ve drunk and what type of rum they’ve been buying.

Caribbean rum tree | ©Dan Convey
Caribbean rum tree | ©Dan Convey

2) Buy a cocktail from the sea in St. Lucia

You can buy a rum punch almost anywhere in the Caribbean, but one of the most unique and unusual ways to buy a cup is straight from the sea. Head to Reduit Beach on the island of St. Lucia and wait in the warm Caribbean water for a small boat laden with exotic fruit. Here you can buy a rum punch filled coconut right from the water.

Cocktail boat in St Lucia | ©Dan Convey
Cocktail boat in St Lucia | ©Dan Convey

3) Swim with the stingrays in Grand Turk

There are a few places in the Caribbean where you can swim or snorkel with stingrays, one of the best being the tiny island of Gibbs Cay off the coast of Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Here on this tiny sandbar you can can get pretty close.

Gibbs Cay, Grand Turk | ©Dan Convey
Gibbs Cay, Grand Turk | ©Dan Convey

4) Try goat water in Antigua

Goat water is one of Antiguans specialty dishes, however, unusually it isn’t actually made from goats at all. This is a spicy stew seasoned with peppers, cloves and cinnamon

5) Tube down a river in Dominica

Locals will proudly tell you that their island has 365 rivers, one for every day of the year, and one of most unique things to do in the Caribbean is to explore them is by inner tube. At the Hibiscus Falls Eco Village, organised tours and guides will take you down the river for an unusual adventure.

riving tubing in Dominica | ©Dan Convey
riving tubing in Dominica | ©Dan Convey

6) Visit the ruins of the set of Pirates of the Caribbean in St. Vincent

Set on a small volcanic black sand beach on the western edge of St. Vincent at a place called Wallilabou Bay sits the ruins of one of Johnny Depp’s most famous movie franchises – Pirates of the Caribbean. Today, there may be nothing left but a burnt out shell, but it’s still an interesting sight to behold. You may even get to meet local retired actor nicknamed ‘The Shadow’ who lives there and can share with you many stories about Hollywood.

Pirates of the Caribbean man | ©Dan Convey
Pirates of the Caribbean man | ©Dan Convey

7) Explore the unique trail at the Baths National Park in Virgin Gorda

On the British Virgin Island of Virgin Gorda you’ll find the unique geological wonder of the Baths National Park, filled with giant granite boulders close to the water’s edge. Here you can follow a unique and unusual trail crawling through caves, swimming through pools, climbing over rocks, down ladders and up ropes to the gorgeous sweep of Devil’s Beach. This is simply one of the best things to do in the Caribbean that we tried.

Baths National Park, Virgin Gorda | ©Dan Convey
Baths National Park, Virgin Gorda | ©Dan Convey

8) Search for monkeys on the beach in Barbados

It may surprise you to discover that there are monkeys roaming wild on a few of the Caribbean islands. Some of them were brought over by the French and kept as pets during the 1600s, but when they escaped they began to thrive on the islands. One of the best places to see wild monkeys is Batts Rock Beach on the island of Barbados, where you can spot them playing in the trees above.

Batts Rock, Barbados | ©Dan Convey
Batts Rock, Barbados | ©Dan Convey

9) Walk along the seabed in St. Maarten

Forget snorkelling or scuba diving, the new way to see the world under the ocean is to walk along the seabed with a giant helmet attached to your head. Sea Trek is a unique way to interact with the Caribbean’s wildlife – there’s no need for training, all you have to do is walk along the bottom and the helmet will provide you with the weight and oxygen to breath normally. You can try Sea Trek on St. Lucia or St. Maarten.

sea walking - things to do in the Caribbean | ©shankar s. / Flickr
sea walking – things to do in the Caribbean | ©shankar s. / Flickr

10) Ride a safari truck in Tortola

An open sided safari truck is probably the last form of transport you’d expect in the classy British Virgin Islands, however you’ll find that this is popular transport for tourists both here and on Virgin Gorda. Climb up the sides and you’ll be greeted with spectacular uninterrupted views complete with the warm Caribbean breeze blowing through your hair.


  1. Lovely post Esme… certainly got me tempted to venture further north on the Caribbean coast. Have you guys been to the Central American Caribbean coast? Any favourites, if you have?

    All the best,

    • Thanks Donné! Yes we’ve been to the Caribbean coast in both Costa Rica and Panama, as well as Cuba (if that counts), all were beautiful. Colón in Panama was very interesting and we also loved Trinidad and Playa Ancón in Cuba.

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