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5 of the best South East Asia time-lapse videos

South East Asia has long been on the wish list for any adventurous or cultured traveller. Its mix of religions (Buddhism, Muslim etc), cuisines (Thai curries, Vietnamese noodle soups etc), temples and beaches has inspired many a traveller. If you are thinking about visiting South East Asia soon, we’ve put together five of the best time-lapses from the area to inspire your trip. From the bustling city streets Kuala Lumpur, to the laid-back fishing bays of Thailand, these short clips give an overview of a long passage of time in various South East Asian countries, in just a few minutes.

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This in-depth Kuala Lumpur time-lapse video focuses on movement in the Malaysian capital. Its short bursts of lights, traffic and people, give you a great insight into how the mega city operates.

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This Bangkok time-lapse takes a look at the intricacies of the Thai capital. It begins with a hazy view of a skyscraper-lined skyline, gets up close and personal with its temples and shows its chaotic nature through the blurring of people and traffic.

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Cityscapes and an inside look at the temples of Angkor Wat form the best part of this South East Asian time-lapse. Stylishly created during night and day, this video really brings out the city colours and intricate details of the Cambodian UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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This next video takes a closer look at some of the sights in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, including the celebrated Petronas Towers. It also takes you down river on a canoe trip.

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Perhaps one of the least known countries in South East Asia is Burma or Myanmar. This piece shows an interesting juxtaposition of seemingly disorganised traffic, against the images of its religious temples. Being one of the lesser developed South East Asian countries, the time-lapse also shows the slow-paced countryside.

South East Asia is an area of diversity, cultural delights and exotic flavours. Now you have a good overview of the region, it’s time for you to decide which ones you want to visit for yourself.

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